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Погребецкий Михаил ТимофеевичPogrebetsky Michael Timofeevich (1892-1956) – Украина. The Deserved master of sports with 1939. Was born in Yalutorovsk in Siberia, veins in Kharkov, then in Kiev. On the first world war has left the volunteer, being the student of the Petersburg medical institute. Was at war in structure of infantry a shelf on turkish front. Participated in several hand-to-hand fights with the opponent. Once has managed to throw out from an entrenchment flown there to a pomegranate. Has been wounded and contused, and in 1916 it is released from service. Награжден Георгиевской a medal and Георгиевским a cross of IV degree. In 20th worked in the Maximum advice on affairs of physical culture and sports at ВУЦИК, later - the teacher of the Ukrainian institute of physical training. About 20th - the active propagandist of mountaineering and mountaneering, the writer, the researcher of «white spots» Тянь-Шаня, the tutor of young climbers, the organizer of mountaneering in Ukraine. With 1939 - the full member of the All-Union geographical society. The first ascentions has made the young man in Bernese Alps in the summer 1909. Later, in 1916, rose on tops in areas of Fergana and Alma-Ata. In 1926-1933 has made a number первовосхождений on Тянь-Shang. 1929-1936 was the initiator, the organizer and the head of the Ukrainian expeditions to inaccessible areas of Soviet Union, mainly Central Тянь-Шаня. Expedition 1929 surveyed a glacier Southern Инылчек and direct approaches to Khan Tengri which are considered then the maximum point Тянь-Шаня. In 1931 primary goal of expedition there was an ascention to Khan Tengri. Despite lacking experience of high-altitude ascentions and heavy meteorological conditions, this problem it was possible to carry out: on September, 11th tops on ЮЗ to a slope have reached Погребецкий, Boris Tyurin and Франц Зауберер. On expeditions research works were conducted also, scientists took part in them, topographical shootings, geomorphological and geological researches were spent. Expedition 1932 worked under the program of II International polar year. In 1934 Погребецкому among the first the rank of the master of mountaneering has been appropriated. Was the enthusiast and the pioneer in business of training of frontier guards to technics of mountaneering. Under its offer in 1932-1936 gathering комсостава boundary armies on Тянь-Shang were annually spent. In 1938 has organized in Адырсу the Ukrainian school of instructors of mountaneering and supervised over her prior to the beginning of Great Domestic war. In 1942-1943 spent gathering on preparation of instructors of mountaneering in Kazakhstan, in 1943-1945 headed School on preparation of military instructors of mountaneering and gathering Всеобуча in Горельнике near Alma-Ata, has involved in mountain-shooting preparation of masters known by then: Century Kolomna, E.Kolokolnikova, Century Миклашевского, J.Gudkova, K.Strekalova. In 1946 has revived activity of the Ukrainian school of instructors of mountaneering in Адырсу and supervised over her up to 1952. This school was ended more than thousand young climbers. Has published more than 300 clauses concerning mountaneering and ten books, among which: « Practice of tourism and travel » (М.-Л.: ФиС, 1931); "Khan Tengri" (in the Ukrainian language; Харьк.-Одесса, 1934); «Three years of struggle for Khan Tengri » (in the Ukrainian language) (Kharkov, the Ukrainian worker, 1935); «the Management on mountaineering » (Kharkov, 1937); « In heart of heavenly mountains » (in the Ukrainian language) (Kiev, 1960). For long-term activity in the field of mountaneering was награжден an award of «the Labour Red Banner», a medal «For labour valour», the letter of the Supreme body Kazakh ССР. Name Погребецкого names two tops on Тянь-Shang: top «4.219 м» in Заилийском Ala Tau and top «6.487 м» in Меридиональном a ridge. Books are devoted to it: Winds And. «the first to Khan Tengri. Travel of M. of T. Pogrebetskogo » (the Idea, 1971); Winds And. « Columbus of heavenly mountains » (Kiev: Health, 1993).

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Guide how to flush alcohol out of your system and urine.